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1. Submit application-  Along with application you will need to send proof of involvement in the medical field as this is the population that we cater to (ex. copy of school id, email from school, residency acceptance letter). There is a $50 application fee which is nonrefundable. This can be sent to us via paypal. Instructions are on application. After application and fee are submitted we can arrange to show you the apartment if you so wish. 

2. Security Deposit and Service Fee- In order for room to be reserved for you we need to have deposit on file. We have first come first served policy. Reservation is given to applicant who first sends in their deposit and service fees. Our service fee is $150 (nonrefundable). We do not charge one month of broker’s fee as many agencies do. When deposit and service fee (total of $650) is sent room is now reserved for you. Security deposit is FULLY refunded at end of stay if there are no damages made to the property.  

**There are 2 ways to submit  the deposit**

•   via Paypal- All funds can be sent to our Paypal account to the email  Please note that you must send the deposit plus the paypal fees associated with the transfer.  For example if you are sending us $700 ($500 deposit + $150 service fee + $50 application fee) you will need to send $721.22 as Paypal takes out fees for the transfer.  The Paypal fee calculator can be found at

•  via  Bank transfer or Deposit- we can provide you with our Chase account information.  If the funds are directly deposited into the account there is no fee.  However if the funds are sent via wire transfer our bank will charge us a fee of $20.  Please include this fee in your wire transfer.  For example if you are sending us $700 ($500 deposit + $150 service fee + $50 application fee) via bank wire transfer you must send $720.00..  


**Please note for stays 6 months and longer a full month of security deposit is required**

3. Double Occupancy - If more than one person will be staying in 1 room, there will be an additional charge of $50/week due to the increased utility costs.


4.  Cancellation Policy


**Please note if reservation is cancelled less than 30 days prior to move in, no security deposit will be refunded.

** If reservation is cancelled 31 to 60 days prior to move in, half of security deposit will be refunded.

**If reservation is canceled more than 60 days prior to move in full deposit will be refunded.


5. First Month Rent- On day of arrival simply bring a check made out to "STAT Living LLC" for the cost of the first month's rent. Monthly rent is due on that same date the following month.



6. Check In/Check Out Policy

Please note, all weekend check ins are Sunday at noon.  All weekend check outs must be by Saturday at 5pm.

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